By the very nature of its capabilities and applications, Civil Air Support activities are highly varied.


The Organisation is headed by a Board of Trustees, all of whom also act as charity officers such as Treasurer or Operations Director. There is a dedicated Ops Director for Civil Air Support’s UK operation. Details of the current Trustees and Ops Director can be found below. We have Ops Directors, several Operations Mangers and others such as Liaison Officers, Mission Support officers and a team of specialist senior ex-police officers who form the Civil Air Support Search Advisory Group. All or some of these officers combine to form an Operations Group which receives requests for assistance, considers an appropriate response, conducts planning, allocates and briefs suitably qualified personnel, authorises missions and monitors all subsequent Civil Air Support activity.


The vast majority of Civil Air Support aircraft are dual crewed and fitted with dual controls. Most are simple 2-seat types possessing good performance, safe handling, adequate cruising speed of around 100mph and an endurance of several hours. These aircraft can operate safely out of small and basic airstrips and can deploy relatively long distances whilst still achieving useful periods of time on any assignment. Many Civil Air Support aircraft are of high wing configuration making them ideal for ground observation and photography. A few Civil Air Support types are multi-engine/multi seat which makes them particularly suitable for longer range transport missions. In the UK the Civil Air Support has regular availability to around 100 privately owned aircraft.

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