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Aerial Photography & Survey

CAS Offer Woodland Surveys as Dudley and Eunice Wreak Havoc

“It’s a welcome relief to many woodland owners that CAS is standing by to offer emergency storm damage support….”

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Urgent Transport

Civil Air Support Pilot is the fastest Milkman from the West!

“Half an hour later, the UK’s fastest milkman passed overhead Douglas on the Isle of Man at 250 miles per hour…”

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General News

Graham Mountford Discusses CAS on Flyer LiveStream

“Graham Mountford (or “Seal Force 1” as he is now known!) joins the Flyer Livestream team to discuss CAS…”

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Arctic Ringed Seal Hispi
Personnel & Equipment Relocation 

Seal of Approval for Civil Air Support

“Civil Air Support does not typically provide private charter flights, but when the passenger is a rare Arctic Ringed Seal…”

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1 Transfer at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green (1)
Urgent Transport

Wheels and Wings when Minutes Matter!

“…a climb to 8,000 feet was swiftly expedited by Air Traffic Controllers who understood the urgency of the mission”

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Stem Cells to Newcastle
Urgent Transport

Pilot and Bikers Race Against Clock in Life Saving Dash to the North

“…as the rider made his way Northwest, a twin-engine Cessna 414 of the Civil Air Support fleet was racing to meet him”

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