About Us

Civil Air Support is a UK wide Charity that offers aerial observation services to Local
Authorities and the Emergency Services.

Why We Exist

Many private pilots greatly appreciate the privileges of their licences and wish to use those privileges to assist their communities, where possible. These members form the core of Civil Air Support. Non-pilot members also join this section of the Voluntary Sector to provide vital additional duties, such as observing or to act in a charity or operational support role. All have a combined desire to work together and employ the unique capabilities of light aircraft to bring benefit to the wider community and to the environment when requested to do so.


Our History

Our organisation has been in existence since the year 2000. From our initial title of Sky Watch Auxiliary Air Service through UK Civil Air Patrol and now as Civil Air Support, we have gradually developed, formed robust operating procedures and now demonstrate a wide range of capabilities that make us the primary provider of non-commercial and non-statutory alternative air support in the UK. Early roles, such as simple observation and reporting, have developed now into a wide range of useful applications. We are constantly developing expertise in new roles as a result of direct requests for assistance from people that have realised our potential to help.


Our mission is to work with everyone from individuals to Category 1 Statutory Services to provide occasional air support or assistance, within a variety of roles, that results in humanitarian relief to our communities or which safeguards our environment.


Our vision is to be used as a normal part of the Voluntary Sector. To offer, free of charge, useful and reliable manned and unmanned civil air support.


Our values centre on combining aviation-related and other skills, some of which have been obtained at public expense or through lifetimes’ of experience, to contribute towards the relief and improvement of communities.

How to engage us

Would you like more information about our capabilities and how we can deliver to your specific needs? If you wish to engage us, you can do so by telephone or email. You can also leave us a message by completing the form below.

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For more information about our capabilities; Aerial Search, Aerial Photography & Surveys, Observation & Reporting, Safety Cover, Communications Relay or Transport please get in touch.